A blend of oral stories, Salvadoran history, and outright fiction, the anthology El Pequeño Homosexual (The Little Homosexual) is a self-mythologizing project in multiple parts that uses camp ethos to look at a facet of the Latino immigrant experience.

Loosely based on my own illegal immigration from El Salvador to Texas in the 90’s, and often deliberately and playfully negligent of an “authentic” memoir, the current chapter Hungry Queen follows Mantequilla and members of his family before, during, and after the Central American wars. To that aim, this chapter borrows heavily from literary structures. Specifically, accompanying text mimics a nonexistent novel in which we see Mantequilla rubbing shoulders with the complexities of transnational migration, language, Hispanic masculinities, and a burgeoning queerness. In addition, the text is often interjected with Spanish asides and a spatter of raunchy, smutty words reminiscent of drag vocabularies. Corresponding images, then, act as adaptions of this text. While the photographs remain intimately tied to collage methods, they are not entirely concerned with a consistent style. Rather, in their physical and formal arrangement, the images are often a direct result of what their parent text beckons. Ultimately, this chapter is a work on hybridity and artifice, highlighting Mantequilla’s cultural and linguistic code-switching, a strategy that immigrants, queers, and other disenfranchised groups are poised to deftly maneuver.


















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